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Third and Fourth Winner Announcement
May 31, 2014|Holster Winners

Third and Fourth Winner Announcement

It’s time for our Fourth Drawing!  This will be for the Sig SP2022 Airsoft  and IWB hybrid holster.

Unfortunately, we haven’t heard back from “Bill”, our third winner.  So, we are going to redraw a winner for the Old Faithful Holster.  If Bill shows up later, we’ll try to do something for him.

This is a good time to remind everyone to “whitelist” us by putting this email address in your contacts, or however it is done with your email service.  Your don’t want your win announcement going in the trash folder!  Also, if  you have friends (online or offline) that might be interested in our giveaways, please send em’ on over!  We’ve got a lot of seriously good stuff coming up and your friend will be eternally grateful 😉

Thanks for following and have a GREAT weekend!



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