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The Ruger LCP Laser is on Sale!
November 27, 2015|Quick TipsTactical Gear Review

The Ruger LCP Laser is on Sale!

The Ruger LCP Laser is on Sale!

I just spotted the Ruger LCP LaserLyte unit on sale for $78.22 on Amazon! Two posts ago, I talked about how this laser works great for an LCP (original or new, Custom model) or Keltec P3AT.

Laserlyte discount code

If you have either one of these pistols, make sure to add one of these slim, lightweight units. It doesn’t say how long the sale goes on, but it’s $20 cheaper than I’ve ever seen one, here:

You can see it on my LCP Custom, below:

side-mounted Laser Sight for Ruger LCP

The LaserLyte unit mounts cleanly to the side of any LCP or KelTec p3at

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