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Shooting Glasses with Built in Readers
December 4, 2016|Quick TipsTactical Gear Review

Shooting Glasses with Built in Readers

Shooting Glasses with Built in Readers

These shooting glasses have built in bifocals and are available in tinted or clear styles.

When you get to be my age, it can be difficult to do fine work on your firearms, especially at the range.  If you are trying to move the sights, or clear a jam, it can be difficult to see up close without switching to your reading glasses (not a good idea where there is live shooting happening).  Here is a solution that’s worked for me.  

These safety glasses are Z87 rated and have built in bi-focal reader lenses.

You can shoot in them and then adjust your sights, etc., without changing glasses.  I even used them when I did the DIY Night Sight Project.  You can get them on Amazon here:

Safety Glasses with Readers (bifocals)

They also make a UV blocking tinted version for outdoors!

Tinted Safety Glasses with Readers (bifocals)

Ansi safety glasses ISO with readers

Both types have rubber grips at the end of the frame, so they don’t slide off during activity.

Sunglasses for hunting

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