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Quick Review: Crossbreed Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt
January 1, 2017|Gun Belt ReviewsHolster Discount Code

Quick Review: Crossbreed Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt

Quick Review: Crossbreed Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt

Here’s a quick look at the Ares Aegis “Crossover” Belt, which I purchased for $99.95

If you read our review of the Lenwood Belt, you’ll know that it was our favorite gun belt at the time….and it still is.  However, the Crossbreed Ares Aegis is a close second, despite the awkward name.


The quality of the stitching is not quite as nice as what you find on the Lenwood, but it certainly looks durable.  It just doesn’t look as clean as the Lenwood gun belt.


Instead of using a combination of leather top and PVC coated polyester like the Lenwood, the Crossbreed opts for all leather.  Two leather strips are bonded with industrial adhesive which works well.  I have not seen any separation in the two months I’ve been using it and it is plenty stiff enough to support my 5″ all steel 1911.  However, I prefer the Lenwood because the design is more sweat resistant.  By using a PVC coated polyester for the backing, absorption of moisture is reduced.  That’s important in hot climates or if you are using this as a tool belt.


The Ares Aegis is thick enough at 1/4″, to provide support for about anything you want to hang on it.


The smooth backing looks durable and helps the belt slide into the right position as you thread it through belt loops and holsters.  But here, in my opinion, is the Crossbreed’s defining characteristic…


The Buckle!  The Ares uses a bead blasted stainless steel slider buckle, for infinite adjustment.  You may recall that this was the one feature I hope Lenwood makes available as an option.  They ensure that you always get the perfect fit and are handy if you want to release a little pressure off the spare tire, at dinner.  At a quarter pound, the buckle would make for a heck of on improvised weapon on say, a plane or other public transit system where we are required to be defenseless.  The buckle is non-reflective and looks great!


A quick shot to show that the Crossbreed Ares Aegis is capable.  Shown is my Sig Sauer P250, loaded up and weighing over 30 oz.  Notice that there is no droop (other than my gut) and the belt pulls the holster in close.


The Sig is brought in close enough that I can easily conceal it under a jacket now.  With a nylon belt, it was damn near impossible.  Which is why you should be using a quality leather belt!


Infinite adjustment means no holes in the belt and the perfect fit!


The Crossbreed Ares Aegis is worth every penny and looks like it will last a LONG time.  However, at $99.95 I’ve gotta say that the Lenwood Hybrid represents a better value.  The Lenwood is $30 less expensive and in my opinion, of better quality.  Hopefully Jason can find some belt buckles like the ones on the Crossbreed and build my idea of the PERFECT Gun Belt.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more holster reviews and giveaways!



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