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Remora Gift Certificate Giveaway: Merry Christmas!
December 4, 2014|Holster Reviews

Remora Gift Certificate Giveaway: Merry Christmas!

You know the one problem with this scheme to give away all of my extra holsters?  If you don’t have the same firearms that I have, you have to go out and spend $500 just to fill that free holster!  So, I’m going to try something different and have a gift certificate give away for our first Christmas.  If you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can just turn down the free stuff, so nobody gets offended…….So, on Saturday, we are going to give away a $65 Remora gift certificate to one lucky reader.  That will let you pretty much load up on all the options for your holster, or buy two bare-bones holsters (“I have two guns, one for each of ya!”).  All you have to do is be signed up by Saturday morning.  Now if you play your cards right, you can tell a friend or two about this, or post it on the forums.  If your buddy wins, you can say, “hey, I already got you that Remora holster” when Christmas rolls around.  Maybe turn it into a free beer for YOU!  Either way, please help us to spread the word.

As usual, this is not sponsored in any way, by Remora or anyone else.  This week, Remora is running a 40% discount, but it will probably expire before you get your gift certificate.  However, they always have some kind of discount offer, so go over there and sign up for their email and you might get something you can combine with the gift certificate.

Last thing, we are going to run one more giveaway before Christmas.  That announcement will happen at the end of our next review, coming next week………

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one comment

  • December 18, 2014 at 2:16 am

    I have a Sig Sauer p299.. looking for a concealment holster

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