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Reactive Steel Airsoft Targets
September 7, 2016|Concealed Carry Holster BeltHolster Discount CodeHow To Conceal a Handgun

Reactive Steel Airsoft Targets

Reactive Steel Airsoft Targets

Jack Spirko’s cool idea for reactive airsoft targets!

If you carry concealed, you should be putting in regular practice time at the range. Marksmanship is a perishable skill and should you find yourself in a life threatening situation, shot placement is far more important than caliber or magazine capacity (we can debate that, but I’ll take 8 9mm shots in the foot over one .380 in the head).  However, it’s not always possible to get as much range time as we’d like.  Plus, not every range allows you to practice drawing and firing your pistol, from the carry position.  Enter Airsoft!

Airsoft allows you to practice with a safer option than your fully loaded carry pistol.  You can shoot indoors or out and if you make a mistake, the worst case scenario is losing an eye (wear your safety glasses!)  It’s now possible to find Airsoft (or similar brand) copies of many modern handguns, like the Sig SP2022 here.  By setting up a secured area for practice, indoors or out, you can run your drills at a lower cost and with greater safety, than using your standard carry ammo.  It’s something I like to do at home and I’ve even been able to involve my kids.  So, it was with great interest that I watched Jack Spirko’s latest idea for Airsoft reactive targets.  I could explain, but watch the one minute video for yourself, here:

Very clever, Jack!  In case you don’t know who Jack Spirko is, he runs The Survival Podcast which is a daily audio show about self reliance, personal liberty, and living a better life “if  times get tough, or even if they don’t”.  Jack’s got everything from cooking, to medicine, to discussions about anarchy.  You can check out the webpage here:

The Survival Podcast Website

or subscribe to the podcast directly on Itunes, here:

The Survival Podcast

Watch for our next review on a great holster belt for your concealed carry firearm, along with a new discount code!  We’ll also have a feature on making your own (DIY) night sights.  Stay tuned and thanks for reading!


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