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Our Holster Review Bias

Our Holster Review Bias

Our Holster Review Bias

Let’s face it, the “unbiased review” is a misnomer.  If you’ve been alive long enough to HAVE an opinion, then you have some bias to go with it.  You have your own perspective, background, prejudices, physical limitations, etc.  The trick is to recognize your bias and note it, so that others may color their interpretation of your review.  So, here is where I, Hank, am coming from.

I have been shooting since 1983 and have participated in a number of different types of organized shooting leagues.  However, I am not a L.E.O. and so, have only been carrying concealed for the last four years or so.  In that time, I have developed the following “biases”

  • I prefer to trade off a slightly better sight radius and recoil management, for a lighter weight gun that can be carried every day.  20-24 oz in 9mm is my preferred, but I will go down to 12 oz on a .380, or up to 30-35 oz on a 1911
  • I prefer to carry cross-draw while driving on long trips (see my upcoming post on crossdraw, which will piss  a lot of people off)
  • I prefer to carry appendix only when I know there is little chance of sitting down.  That’s a body type issue (see my post on THAT), more than anything else
  • For all around carry, I prefer and train with my pistol at 4 o’clock.  Note, that’s the PISTOL position.  The centerline of the holster may lay elsewhere.
  • I like black, when carrying concealed.  It goes longer without looking marred and I think it provides (marginally) better concealment.  In a flash, you are not sure if you saw a shadow, or a holster.  With a Roy Rogers white or tan, embossed and stitched special, there is no doubt what you are looking at.  They are cool for open carry, so no problem there, I just don’t like them for cc.
  • Last (and this is going to upset a lot of you, and bring the “proper gunbelt” comments), I don’t care for IWB strong side carry.  Yes, I will do so when I need the concealment option, but even with the lightest guns (see my J-Frame holster review) I find it pulls my pants down.  Not off, just down to a lower position than this old man likes to wear them at.  Makes me want to yank the right side up, whenever I get out of a vehicle, which is a TELL that you are carrying.  For that reason, you will see me giving away a lot of IWB holsters.  Obviously, this carry option works for a LOT of people…. so they should enjoy the holsters.  One that comes to mind is an awesome $100 holster for the Sig P250, that will come up in a review.  Great holster, but I cannot imagine a case where I want to carry 35 oz of 9mm  and steel, inside my pants.  Opinions will vary.
  • My favorite carry mode is a paddle holster, strong side, under an overshirt or jacket.  Fast, comfortable, allows for changing guns without retraining your draw.  Again, that’s my opinion and bias.

For our photographs, we use a light colored nylon gun belt.  This is not the best solution for carrying (although it is serviceable), but it does make for better contrast in the photos.  So that’s why I use it. 

Last, I guess I’d say that body type plays a big role in the bias of these reviews.  See my post on body type, to see where I am coming from.  Where I’m coming from is where a majority of males will end up in their late 40s; not a fat beast, but with a little more pudge than you want.  If you are in your 20s, or like to do P90X until your heart is ready to explode, then you might find certain carry options (like appendix) to be more to your liking.

So, other than my bias toward the anti 2nd amendment crowd, there is my “bias”.  Hopefully, I can keep the reviews objective, but if not….at least you know where I’m coming from.