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On Bullhead Fishing
December 5, 2016|Outdoor Activities

On Bullhead Fishing

On Bullhead Fishing

Catching, Cleaning, and Cooking, Bullhead Catfish

You are probably wondering what Bullhead fishing has to do with holster reviews.  Well, I’m guessing that many of my readers are also outdoorsmen and women and a significant subset of those are fishermen.  Depending on where you grew up, some of the first fish you ever caught were probably bullheads.  I had a little pond/swamp about 1/2 mile from my house where we caught and then cooked these delicious little fish.  Contrary to popular belief, these are not “garbage fish” or bottom feeders.  They are predators that go after bluegill and minnows.  Once you learn how to clean and cook them, they are as good eating as any other sportfish.

Information about Bullhead fishing has been scattered around the internet for years, but I just learned about a site that is devoted to it.  At, you can learn how to catch, clean, and cook this fish, which can be found all over North America.  Looking for a way to keep a bullhead catfish from swallowing a hook?  There’s a post for that.  Want to know what a bullhead eats?  There are some really cool pictures.  This site is still being built, so get on their mailing list to learn whenever a new article is written.  I look forward to some beginner information about how to take a catfish off the hook; something simple that scared the bejesus out of me when I was seven 😉

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