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No More Concealed Carry at Disney
December 30, 2015|Concealed Guns

No More Concealed Carry at Disney

No More Concealed Carry at Disney

Although Disney has a no-weapons policy in its parks, many people prefer to risk expulsion, rather than be caught without a firearm, should they need one.  I’ve brought the kids to Disney World many times and have noticed more than a few people discreetly carrying concealed.  I’m still of the opinion that trained citizens carrying concealed are your best defense in the event of an attempted mass shooting.  However, I just made a trip to Disneyland CA and discovered that in addition to the bag searches that have been going on since 9/11, Disney now has a no weapons policy enforced with personal searches and metal detectors.  In the course of three days entering the park, I and members of my family were asked to raise our shirts (lift my t-shirt or pull open the sides of my overshirt) and were “randomly” selected for both pat downs and metal detectors.  As the only apparent US citizens there at Christmastime, I can understand why we would be searched each time we entered the park…but I digress.  As I understand it, they are also doing this at Disney World, essentially ending the presence of the armed citizen at Disney parks (unless you want to risk lifetime expulsion).  Hopefully, they have a well trained security force in case anything goes wrong.  My opinion is that they don’t, since the security checks at both parks bunch up hundreds of attendees BEFORE they enter the search area, making them more vulnerable than they ever were in the past.  I’d guess that Disney is only concerned about the legal liability, so they can say, “We tried our best and the attack happened outside the secure area”, rather than the actual safety of its patrons.  At Disney World, the security bag checks are in a semi-circle, ensuring an even distribution of damage, in the event of a Boston style bomb attack.  Hey Disney, how about hiring some Iraq or Afghanistan vets that can show you what’s wrong with that approach?  Anyway, I’ll leave it to you to decide if you still want to attend a Disney park.  I just wanted to give you a heads-up, in case you are planning to visit.


December 2015

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  • Baklash
    December 31, 2015 at 5:25 am

    Regarding Disney and their no-weapons policy; I won’t be spending my money there, just the same as I don’t patronize any business restricting my right to carry. I’m sure you are already aware of California’s new law that they can take your gun even without any kind of charge against you. What’s next?

    • hank
      December 31, 2015 at 8:48 pm

      Yeah, I hear ya. I try to stay friendly to the businesses that are friendly back! Disney and CA have both fallen a long way since I bought a nice Colt single action replica there (when I was 10).

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