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The Lenwood Training Plug Video
November 13, 2016|Quick Tips

The Lenwood Training Plug Video

The Lenwood Training Plug Video

Lenwood Training Plugs Let You Train Safer

If you are going to carry a firearm, you need to run dry fire exercises.  This involves drawing and pulling the trigger in a safe and effective manner, with an unloaded weapon.  Given the inherent potential for human error (meaning, a negligent discharge), you should take every practical safety measure you can.  The Lenwood Training Plug allows you to block the chamber and barrel of your pistol, while still allowing you to cycle (cock) the firing mechanism.  Then, you can dry fire the weapon with confidence, knowing no round can be chambered.

Firearm training plug

When using this or any other “safety enhancer” you should always treat the firearm as loaded.  This means keeping the firearm pointed in a safe direction, being sure of your target, keeping your finger off the trigger, etc.  Additionally, I’d suggest unloading your weapon in another room and leaving the ammunition there.  Double and triple check that the weapon is unloaded before you field strip it to insert the training plug.  Once in place, the weapon must be field stripped again to remove the plug.  We made a short video to show you how it works.

Training Plug for Glock and similar

According to Lenwood’s description:

– Easily inserted into your firearm.

– Uses the gun’s barrel for consistent weight and balance.

– Caliber and barrel length specific.

– Not gun model specific.

– Will not damage your firearm.

– Will not allow the firearm to discharge while inserted.

– Models available for most semi auto handguns.

– Works with holsters.

– Full slide function.

– Handgun can be dry fired while installed.

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