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Custom Carry Concepts “Quick Cover” Holster

Custom Carry Concepts “Quick Cover” Holster

As noted in the blog section of this site, the following is a reprint of the:

Custom Carry Concepts May 2014 Newsletter

I think this is a clever concealed carry option and remember, you have a discount code for these guys.  If you lost it, email me. –Hank

Here’s the newsletter:

Nearly everyone who carries a handgun has one.
It’s unfortunate and often times costly.
It may take the form of a box or a drawer or an unused pocket in a range bag.
What I’m taking about is the infamous ‘holster box’. It’s where that holster that just didn’t quite work goes to die.
Often, it’s not that the holster was poor quality or didn’t fit the gun. More often it’s because you tried that holster that everyone raved about, or that some expert swears by, and it just didn’t fit your carry style or more often, your body style. We’re all different and a holster that one person says “disappears and makes me forget I’m wearing it” another may describe as “a white-hot flaming brick shoved down my pants”.
Since Rich started Custom Carry Concepts seven years ago, he has dedicated himself to creating, and helping each of his customers find, that ‘perfect’ holster; that one they’ll forget they’re wearing. He is constantly refining his designs to give them the greatest amount of versatility, simplicity, and durability, while also being purpose built to perform flawlessly. He has spent countless hours talking to customers about the best carry option for their style of carry. He strives for his holsters to never be tossed into that box.
To that end, we will be periodically showcasing one of our products to introduce you to options you may not have been aware of. We will discuss the advantages of specific options and how those options can help you find the perfect carry rig.
This week we’re showcasing our Quick Cover holster; our thinnest, lightest, and most versatile holster.
Made of .06 Kydex, the Quick Cover is an IWB tuckable holster that may also be worn OWB. It features a shirt guard, a covered trigger guard, and is a full coverage holster to protect the gun from sweat and body oils as well as increasing the wearers comfort. All of the edges are smoothed and most models have a rolled bottom edge to increase comfort. Retention is fully adjustable via silicone spacers and two screws which also double as the belt attachment point.
It is a secure, comfortable, concealable, and versatile holster.
What makes the Quick Cover so versatile?
The Quick Cover is designed so that all ride adjustments are achieved by changing the belt clip. If you want a strong side carry in either FBI or Straight Drop, if you want an Appendix carry holster, if you want something with a slimmer profile or something that rides deeper; one single holster, the Quick Cover, can do all of that and more just by changing the clip.
We offer twenty different clip configurations (five different clip styles in four different cant/attachment styles). Best of all, they’re all tuckable! The Quick Cover can be be carried in just about any way you can imagine.
Shown are appendix/straight drop standard clip, FBI standard clip, and straight drop outrigger standard clip.
For strong side carry, all of out attachment styles work well for any gun. We offer FBI cant and appendix/straight drop options as well as both straight drop or FBI in an outrigger setup. For many of the smaller, thinner guns, the Quick Cover has the added advantage of being a good appendix carry holster as well.
By far, our most popular carry option is appendix carry, with our Shaggy being our best seller, as it’s design pulls the grip into the body allowing better concealment. But the Shaggy doesn’t work for smaller guns (guns smaller than the Shield or PPS); for those guns, the Quick Cover is a great option. For those guns, the Quick Cover (with the appendix attachment) works quite well in pulling the grip in while offering an overall slimmer package.
The outrigger setup was the clip originally designed with the Quick Cover. The outrigger attaches under the trigger guard,below the muzzle(as do all of the attachments), but instead of extending over the trigger guard, it extends rearward then up behind the trigger guard. It adds to the holsters conceal-ability because the package is only as thick as the holster itself. This is a very popular option for those who must wear dress cloths without a jacket.
If one wishes to wear our Quick Cover OWB, that’s possible as well. By wearing the Quick Cover with a straight drop or FBI standard clip or loop and a sturdy gun belt, this holster may be worn between the waistband and the belt.
This might just be the perfect carry rig. While some holsters are built to do one or two of the things the Quick Cover can do, the Quick Cover is purpose built to do all of them.
Come to think of it, this simple, durable, versatile holster just may add to your holster box by making all of your other holsters obsolete.