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Clever Holster from Custom Carry Concepts and our Third Winner
May 26, 2014|Holster ReviewsHolster Winners

Clever Holster from Custom Carry Concepts and our Third Winner

While we wait to hear back from our third winner, I wanted to bring a neat holster to your attention.  I sign up for just about every holster maker’s newsletter and got an interesting one from Custom Carry Concepts.  It addresses the “holster drawer” that this site is dedicated to.  They came up with what looks like a pretty neat solution, in their Quick Cover Holster.  It has interchangeable attachments that make it as close to a universal holster as you can hope for.  Rather than read the whole newsletter here, I’ve copied the email and posted it on a new page.  The complete email resides on this site HERE (note, the clickable link).  I thought the solution was a pretty cool idea and went ahead and ordered one for my Kahr CW9.  These guys have a bit of a backlog, so it may be a few weeks before I review it, but I will get to it. Stick around!

Since it was a holiday weekend, I’m giving the third winner 3 more days to respond.  If I don’t hear from him by then, we’ll draw again and it will go to another member.  After that, we’ll put up our next review!

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